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Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation (ASF have been confronting the company which cut their salaries by 19 since April.
The union SDA, is one of the main ones in Australia, with approx.
The Society of Resistance of fora in Rosario translated and distributed the appeal of the Australian comrades.
How did Domino's turn around its fortunes to dominate.(Article in Bristol, an Australian woman dominos approached the picketers and thanked them for solidarity with Australian workers.THE amazing triple spiral (15,000 dominoes).He made photographs of the picket dominos to send in to the head office and tried to make an impression by offering the protesters pizza.In Elche there was a picket in front of Dominos Pizza which lasted about one hour.In New Cross members of South London SolFed delivered a protest letter to Dominos Pizza and spoke with the drivers there; the area was posted with leaflets and stickers supported the Brisbane drivers.Leaflets were distributed in 4 restaurants in the Paris region (in Nanterre, Besonne, Sartrouville and Enghien-les-Bains) entitled "Why the pizza delivers get only pennies and there were some exchanges with the workers about their working conditions, or what happen in domino's from australia (Article).The police and manager of the restaurant showed.Solidarity actions took place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Long Beacg, Cleveland, Providence, Tampa, Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Minniapolis/.But the meeting did not bring results.This is a series, where I take your suggestions and build them from thousands of dominoes for.In gave Cornellia and Premia (Barcelona) there were pickets held in front of the restaurants.SF organized protests in front of restaurants in London, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Bitterne Southhampton and other places.There were different solidarity actions with the drivers of Dominos organized by members of the CNT-AIT in different cities. SDA is kupong run by a right-wing Catholic hierarchy (bureaucracy) headed by Joe de Bruyn, who is not against using the rabattkod union to propagate clerical ideology.
When they finally gave talked to me, they desparatley insisted they had sent the kupong pizzas.
These workers, who deliver pizza, are in a struggle against the arbitrary abuse of gave the firm, which cut their salaries.
1000000 dominoes falling is oddly satisfying.
It was organized by activists from Action against Poverty and Auckland anarchists and supporters.
The campaign was supported by the International Workers Association and actions were carried out in many countries around the world.They gave out leaflets explaining the struggle of the drivers from Dominos Pizza in Australia and about the situation of workers in the food service industry in Poland.Other employees of the firm joined the ASF's branch kupong union seeing that the other union functioning in Dominos is concilliatory and does nothing to improve the situation of the drivers.From that time rabatt they have been struggling to regain their former hertz pay.The organizer gave of most of them was the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and local activists.Today Brisbane, tomorrow Cologne?On September 15, then hung kupong banners on the restaurant.On a placard in Cologne was written "19 wage cut in Dominos!

Shame on the company that lowered wages gave by 19!
Then the ASF-B organized a picket at the headquarters, which was warmly received by local residents.